Back to school casual fashion combinations

There are just a few weeks and the schools will open their gates once again for students around the world. The school is a very serious institution so when you choose the clothes to wear not only on this important day but every day of school you must think carefully. There are certain rules imposed not only by the school but also also by the common sense and the fashion sense that you must take into consideration. Also remember to always stay true to your own style and personality because that is what will make you feel good and will give you the confidence you need to succeed.
There are many clothing items that you can choose from in order to stay in the rules of the school. For example if you like a more feminine style you can put on a skirt that reaches the knee and combine it with simple, elegant shirt and flats. Add a little glam by putting some nice jewelry like a broach and some earrings.
Some other style that you can approach is the minimalist style. That means choosing some uni clothing items that are very simple, but still pretty hard to match and wear. So in order to wear the minimalist style correctly put on a pair of jeans and add a simple shirt and a pair of oxford shoes.
But still, one of the most popular styles is the casual style. The casual style can be boring but if you add the right accessories you can create a very nice outfit. So for this style you can opt for jeans, pants, shirt, skirts, t-shirts and comfy shoes like flats and sneakers.

We have created these really nice casual fashion combinations that can inspire you when choosing the right outfit for the first day of school.

Back to school 1

Back to school 2

Back to school 3

Back to school 4

Back to school 5

Back to school 6

Back to school 7

Back to school 8

Back to school 9

Back to school 9

Back to school 10

Back to school 10



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