The one week diet

nutritionist1The one week diet is a combination between a fast and mono diet. The rule is to choose one food to eat in large amounts during each of the six days of the diet. In addition you can eat foods with fewer calories. That means: vegetables, especially green vegetables, fruit (berries, citrus and green apples), meat (chicken, turkey and rabbit), dairy (mostly cheese and yogurt).

Here is the menu:

Day 1: Fruit. You can eat any fruit except bananas. The best ones are melons and watermelons, peaches (2-3 pieces), apricots (no more than 5 ), apples (2-3 ), grapes (a large bunch). You can eat oranges, kiwi and complete the day with a crushed avocado with lemon juice and 4-5 crackers. Drink water, unsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea.

Day 2: Vegetables. You can eat boiled vegetables, salads or cooked vegetables. You are allowed any kind of vegetables, but no beans and peas. Also eat a large jar of yogurt (150 grams), three tablespoons of olive oil (salad), herbs, and at dinner a boiled potato or baked with some olive oil and herbs. Drink water, unsweetened herbal tea and coffee without sugar.

Day 3: Fruits and vegetables. You can combine the style of food on the first and second day of the diet. But don’t eat avocado, potato and yogurt. Keep the seasoned vegetables and salad oil, and you can ea a lot of fruit (no bananas). Bonus: two hard boiled eggs for dinner.

Day 4: Bananas and yogurt. After the first three days it seems one day of pampering. You can eat up to 8 bananas a day and up to 500 grams of yogurt. Bonus: Two apples and an orange.

Day 5: Tomatoes. The menu for today means tomatoes in the form of salad and juice, plus 200 grams of turkey or chicken meat (all day), two apples and a slice of bread. Day rule is to drink about 3 liters of water.

Day 6: Vegetables and meat. This day is a repeat of the previous day but instead of tomatoes you can eat any amount of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach or green beans. Add 200 grams of chicken and turkey baked or grilled. You can have two apples and an orange, and a slice of bread for dinner.

Day 7: Soup. Prepare a cream soup with two potatoes, three carrots, celery, four peppers, four tomatoes and three onions. Boil the vegetables with a half liter of water, add herbs, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of yogurt and two crushed garlic cloves. The soup is delicious, but it is your food for the whole day. You can use cabbage soup. Basically give about a half liter of soup. To this is added a little bonus: two eggs and three apples.

The one week diet is a pretty severe diet, however you will not be tormented by hunger. Dietary rules say is imperative to drink plenty of fluids, herbal teas. If you feel like fainting or dizzy you can eat one or two squares of dark chocolate or two teaspoons of honey. Chicken can be replaced with 300 grams of fish, but only once during the week.
The return to normal combine the menu at day 7 with day 6 for two days. Comply with a reduced-calorie diet for the next two weeks, if you can eliminate pasta and sugar.


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