Seven tips for making your lipstick resist longer on your lips

135-49489-how-to-red-lipstick-1376421254If you want to keep your lipstick more time on your lips, here are a few simple yet effective tips that you can use.

1. Exfoliate your lips
Like the rest of the body your lips need regular exfoliation. When dead cells are removed, you will notice that the shade of the lipstick, besides the fact that it will last longer on your lips, it will also be more intense. You do not need expensive lotions for exfoliation. It’s easy enough to rub your lips with a toothbrush or toothpaste that you can prepare with a little honey with sugar. Also, regular exfoliation will prevent drying and cracking lips.

2. Use lip balm
If you want your lipstick to stay more on the lips, do not ignore the usefulness of a moisturizing lip balm! Daily use of this product, not only makes you lips soft and supple, but allows the lipstick to stay intact for many hours. Before makeup, apply a generous layer of colorless lip balm and finally, when you have to apply lipstick, remove all traces of lip balm and color your lips in desired shade. Avoid using a product based on menthol or camphor, which dries out your lips even more and thus does not provide a long endurance lipstick.

3. Try a lip primer
If eye makeup starts with a primer (base makeup) that enhance endurance shadow on the lid, the same is true for the lips. A special primer lip prevents lipstick to stretch, to erase, to fade within a few hours of application. Before applying lipstick, put on your lips a thin layer of primer and enjoy an intense color that will last for hours.

4. Use the right lip liner
The secret of full and voluptuous lips? The contour pencil used to emphasize the lip shape, but also to allow lipstick to withstand a long time. How? You only apply it on the lips but choose a pencil in a light shade, nearest to the lipstick color you want, and apply it over the entire surface of the lips. Besides acting as a primer, the lip pencil remains when the lipstick loses its intensity.

 5. Choose the right color
If you want to keep intact your lipstick, opt for darker colors as well. Colors like red, coral, pink, burgundy or brown stay much longer on your lips and look perfect even when lose intensity. Can not say the same about nude lipsticks in lighter shades, that, as the hours drain, fade and disappear completely from the lips.

6. Opt for matching textures
If you choose the right textures, you have the chance to enjoy wearing it many hours. Make-up artists recommend cream lipsticks and mate with a highly resistant pigment. Opt for products with resistant silicone transfer and avoid the ones with a textured gloss liquid lip that disappear more quickly and tend to dry out your lips.

7. Apply translucent powder
Another product that provides a durable lip makeup is translucent powder applied between two layers of lipstick. After you have applied the first coat, blot lips easy with a paper tissue to remove excess lipstick. Then pass a cosmetic sponge or makeup brush with translucent powder, shake the excess and easy tap it on your lips lips. Finally, apply the second coat of lipstick.

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