Ten tips for a healthy, beautiful hair

healthy-hairDo you want a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair ? Here are 10 tips for beautiful hair that might just make the difference.

One. Regularly use hair oil:
Most celebrities with beautiful hair do. Choose between nut oil, coconut oil (for fine hair), olive oil and almond oil (for shine). Heat oil slightly and apply it on the hair. Keep it on the hair for at least several hours. Treatment should be done at least once a week.

Two. Brush your hair gently:
Do not brush your hair roughly, pulling the knots or places where your hair is messed. Do not brush wet hair. Comb carefully and slowly.

Three. Avoid applying styling products over other styling products:
Between two styling products you should wash, brush or comb your hair well, using a brush. Do not use aggressive solutions and do not use tools that are very hot.

Four. Choose wisely your care products:
Do not be guided by advertisements, but after the non perfumed ingredients in products. Always use products that contain ingredients tailored to your hair type. Possibly ask a specialist about which products match your hair.

Five. Protect your hair from the sea and the pool:
The best solution is an elastic cap, but if the idea does not impress you gather your hair well, after you’ve greased it with a sunscreen for the body. A hat on the beach is required. The sun screen will protect your hair in the the water and in the pool.

Six. Use egg treatment, regardless of hair type:
Experts say the the egg is the best natural nutrition in order to have a hair that us strong and shiny. Apply egg yolk or whole egg on dry hair once a week, for about twenty minutes, and then shampoo as usual. You will notice the difference in just 2-3 weeks.

Seven. Avoid the water that is too hot:
Don’t ever wash with hot water. The body at ambient temperature is the best. Hot water can quickly damage your hair as it makes it brittle.

Eight. Dry your hair naturally:
Let your hair dry natural. Use a towel and possibly gather it in a tail, under the towel.

Nine. Cut it regularly:
Every three months is necessary to cut the tips for proper growth. Hair growth is stimulated by constant cutting a few inches.

Ten. Eat well:
A healthy diet is essential for a healthy hair. You need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for your hair to get the vitamins and minerals it needs.

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