The colors of the summer

Colors transform, embellishing and customizing outfits and changing moods, so give them the importance they deserve. Before you run into the store to renew your wardrobe, find out what colors are in the trends this summer.

Earth colors, bright colors, yellow, orange, blue and other daring combinations are trendy this season. Very popular are also prints and if you want to attract attention, check out the prints inspired by Eastern cultures or astral models.

Orange is the new Black!
Orange has been named the new black by stylists and is one of the star colors of this summer, so wear it on your nails, lips, bags and clothes. Orange is suitable for almost all skin types, but do not dress from head to toe only in orange. A perfect combination for summer is yellow and orange, but if it is too bold, try to soften the orange with white. Avoid combinations with black, you do not want to look like you are going to a Halloween party.

Sunny Yellow for a hot summer!
Another color you should be wearing this summer is yellow, in any shade. It is fresh and full of energy and works perfectly both for formal meetings and at get away with friends. You can combine with black or dark blue for an elegant look or purple, if you want to attract all eyes. You have a variety of shades of yellow, so the options are endless!

Blue, from navy to turquoise
Blue is another answer to the question “What color should I be wearing this summer?.” From navy to light blue, cobalt blue or turquoise, it should not be missing from your wardrobe. Goes perfectly with black or white, but equally well you can make combinations with different shades of blue.

Radiant orchid, the color of 2014
Panetone designated radiant orchid (orchid radiant) as the color of 2014, so do not hesitate to wear it this summer. Looks fabulous with dark blue, khaki or beige, and for a bold appearance, you can combine several shades of purple.

Radiant Orchid is the color of the year

Radiant Orchid is the color of the year

Among the colors that are in trend this summer we find pastel green, sandy, red cayenne (a little more intense than coral) or dove gray. Do not forget the black and white combinations that remain trendy in this season.
Depending on what colors you can choose the makeup and accessories to wear. This season there are no limits, so dare to give color to your outfit!


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