The Denim Jacket that Fits Your Body Type

The Denim Jacket is versatile and comfortable and it is a piece of clothing that must be found in every woman’s closet , as well as the jeans. The most important thing when it comes to clothes and image is to dress according to your body type. If you know what models of jackets you favor, you can easily highlight specific qualities and disguise imperfections. Here’s what to wear jeans jacket depending on body shape!

Hourglass type silhouette
Hourglass figure is the most coveted by women, because it approaches the ideal standard. How? With balanced proportions and extremely feminine shapes. If you fit into this type of figure, you’re lucky. You can wear just about any model of jeans jacket. Avoid jackets still too loose because they will not highlight your almost perfect silhouette. Instead wear designs that draw attention to the thin waist or models that are shorter, ending at the waist.

Pear type silhouette
If your shoulders are more narrow than the hips, then your figure is pear . When you create outfits, the goal is to balance your upper and lower body. The top of the jackets and jeans with details and  applications will  draw the attention from the hips. You can wear  cropped , oversized or the biker models which uncovers the neckline and emphasize the bust. You can opt for white jackets, because they add volume.

Rectangular type silhouette
Rectangular figure is associated with an androgynous body type, skinny, who lack the female forms. If you fit into this category, then most likely your shoulders and hips are about the same size and the waist is easily determined. What to do when it comes to choice of dressing is to wear clothes that create the illusion of form. This means oversized  jeans jackets have no place in your wardrobe and the arched are the best choice for you , and if you wear a waist belt, you get an immediate illusion of hourglass figure and voluptuous forms.

Apple type silhouette
Apple figure is one in which the shoulders are broad , the hips are bulky and the waist is undefined. By what you wear, you have to disguise wide hips and create a thin waist impression. To achieve this, it is necessary to avoid tight-fitting clothing, by wearing clothes that are not necessarily large, but slightly easier to drop on you and to mask the abdomen. Oversized denim jackets you are not recommended because they only add volume and emphasizes your form full. You are recommended models slightly arched or biker type ones that come easy in V in the front and can emphasize the bust, diverting attention from problem areas.

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