Five ways to wear a pair of white sneakers

The fashion of  last seasons started a new era in sport shoes. The ultra-coloring sneakers and the classic sneakers have almost dethrone the supremacy of the stiletto shoes. But of all these trendy models, the white sneakers proved to be the most versatile, comfortable, popular and practical.
The moment you are reading this, there is a great possibility that you already have a pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe but also the chance is you never wore it with anything but a sport outfit.

But if you really like your pair of white sneakers then you must know that there are other styles of clothing that you can wear with sport shoes. Here are our top five choices!

1. White sneakers with a masculine suit

If you’re a fan of minimalist style combine the classic masculine inspired outfit with a pair of white sneakers.Avoid an austere look, combine this sensual outfit with a semi-transparent shirts. Add a little color with a nice bag in a contrasting color.

2. White sneakers with a pair of skinny trousers

If you have a busy day with several meetings around town, replacing the classic ballet with a pair of white sneakers it’s ideal. One of the stylish pieces that work well in the company of such shoes is a pair of skinny pants in neutral tones. Complete your outfit with a striped shirt and a beige trench.

3. White sneakers with a maxi skirt

A trendy long skirt is a piece that properly chosen fits any type of figure. This spring choose a skirts made with natural materials, cotton or silk, and wear them with a top with and white sneakers. To make this outfit complete add a colorful clutch.

4. White sneakers with a floral print dress

For a fresh look, you only need a dress with floral prints in bright colors and a pair of white sneakers. Want an extra dose of originality? Opt for a pair of  type ice sneakers and complete the outfit with a classic denim jacket. If you want to harmoniously balance your outfit add a chic oversized handbag and a scarf.

5.  White sneakers with a black dress

Of course, we are not talking evening an dresses or precious materials. But any casual black dress can be combined with a pair of white sneakers, especially the sporty models made from cotton. To complete your outfit opt for a leather jacket.

Here are some cute outfits that also include the white sneakers.

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