Beautiful white manicures

If you like white  and you wear it all the time in your clothes, then you definitely needs to match the manicure with your outfit. You can choose a simple manicure with white nail polish over to give a layer of varnish to not look too matte, or you can make beautiful combinations using the beloved black and white or different color combination for most non conformist design.
Here are some ideas that we hope will inspire you! Do not forget to tell us which is your favorite in the comments section below!

best-manicure-ideas-summer-2012-black-and-white black-and-white-acrylic-nail-designs-509 black-and-white-manicure-ideas-381 black-and-white-metallic-striped-manicure Cool-Nail-Designs-for-Short-Nails-with-White-Color Cute-Black-White-and-Red-Nail-Art-Design monochromatic-white-manicure-nail-polish-colors-and-103441 simple-and-easy-white-nail-designs1 white-and-red-polka-nails White-Caviar

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