10 steps for a perfect flat tummy

woman_basket_vegies-1024x682If you want to have a perfect flat tummy here are 10 rules or steps you have to follow.

1. Give up with the sugar. Use natural sweeteners like Stevia.

2. Drink plenty of water because water prevents the storage of fat cells, inhibiting hunger and helping your metabolism burning calories .

3. Eat vegetables with beans ( beans, peas or lentils) which are full of soluble fiber . Every 10 grams of fiber consumed daily slow down the accumulation of visceral fat by 4 percent .

4. Do cardio exercises. Aerobic exercises burns belly fat than resistance ones. They reduce the cortisol levels, which is a good thing, because the excess in terms of the stress hormone gather abdominal fat .

5. Limit the intake of carbohydrates with dusk that thus prevent the transformation of these organic substances in adipose tissue. So don’t eat after 18:00 o’clock!

6. Relax! Too much anxiety can raise your insulin levels and cause cravings for fatty or sweet .

7.  Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night because your body has time to absorb nutrients properly and rest, so that it can function at normal parameters .

8. Eat peanuts and nuts although they are high in calories because your body processes them differently and not deposited as fat.

9. Avoid beer and other alcoholic beverages ! These were associated with an increase in the hormone that directs fat to the abdomen.

10. Have a massage! Massaging the abdomen correctly can be very beneficial because it produces heat that may be responsible for melting fat.

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