The honey diet

Honey consists of a combination of natural sugars which can trigger metabolic changes that neutralize cravings for sweets. Replacing  sugar with honey  during the day and adding a teaspoon of honey in a hot drink before bed neutralizes brain mechanisms responsible for appetite sweets.

This is the basis for the diet plan that does not exclude daily snacks and desserts usually prohibited in other diets. The body regulates excess sugar by releasing insulin which filters the blood and stored as fat , which is the mechanism by which fat accumulates and thus extra pounds .

Here are the rules for diet honey

  • Replace sugar with honey : the main culprit for obesity is sugar, each gram of sugar consumed is metabolized in two grams of body fat. By cutting off sugar and artificial sweeteners, including foods that contain sugar “hidden ” we remove sources to produce fat.
  • In the morning , drink a glass of warm water in which you add two teaspoons of honey. Use honey to sweeten tea and coffee , and even cooking – Honey is twice sweeter than sugar , so you eat less.
  • Give up foods high in salt, sugar and fat, choose nutritious foods – whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish , lean meats – and give up sugar-rich snacks on crisps and fizzy drinks , fried and processed foods from  fast food restaurants and pastries.
  • Choose unrefined carbohydrates : that means bread, pasta and brown rice are rich in fiber, promotes digestion , are processed more slowly in the body and thus maintain longer feeling of fullness.
  • Without carbs one day a week : start the week with a day without bread, pasta, white flour, potatoes, rice and cereals and insulin levels will drop considerably.
  • Eat protein at every meal: proteins prolong the feeling of fullness and maintains muscle energy . Choose lean proteins for lowering caloric and choose fish, chicken, lean beef or pork and eggs. Plant sources of protein are humus, peanut butter, lentils, beans and legumes .
  • Eat as much fruits and vegetables: include in your diet as part of the diet six daily servings of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Select -milk products: studies have shown that full saturation yogurt better than the fat , and the best choice is organic yogurt – delicious if you add a teaspoon of honey . To control the number of calories you do not eat more than a yogurt or cottage cheese . Also, do not drink more than 500 ml of milk per day . All this can be sweetened with honey honey diet plan .

With this diet you can lose weight 2-3 pounds per week.

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