2013 fall – winter shoe trends

This autumn brings a lot of fashion trends so that everybody can find something for their taste. Shoes are of course an important part of every trend and all women know that the perfect pair of shoes can make you feel more confident and beautiful.

Shoes come in many shapes and sizes, so this autumn either you like high heels or kitten heels, round or point tip, stilettos or boots, you will surely find something for every preference.

Even though the pointed tips will not fully replace the rounded ones, this autumn they will have a big come back. Let’s not forget that the sharp tips are a timeless and elegant piece, which will never lose value in time.







Elegance, delicacy, femininity…these are the three words that represent the best the story time shoes, the kind of shoes that only princess would wear. But this season we can all be princesses by wearing a pair of shoes made of whether lacquer, satin and other fine fabrics, adorned with rhinestones, bows or with a simple ankle strap.







Shoes, bags and accessories all made from metallic fabrics have become popular since last season, thanks to the fashion lovers around the world. The retailers have prepared a wide variety of metallic inspired shoes from which we can choose, either we like simple shoes or elegant stilettos.







Even though in the cold season designers should keep us warm, one of the trends this year is the cutout shoes. From flats to boots, all the shoes will show some skin! Of course, you will have to find something to pair it with, concerning that the temperature outside is declining.







Shoes, boots or flats with straps are a must have of this season. The straps will give any outfit a fresh and modern look.







After having gained popularity last fall, loafers are back in this cold season in several models, perfect to provide extra comfort our feet. Also we can enjoy this season the heeled moccasins version that will offer more refinement and elegance to any outfit that will be integrated.







Men inspired outfits are in vogue this season which means that we are not giving up to the comfortable men shoes.  And why should we? The low sole and great personality makes them perfect to wear all the time!

According to the latest trends, this fall trends are influenced by grunge, rock and punk. So the one thing that brings it all together are the biker boots. . Certainly retailers will compete to provide the most daring designs with studs, eyelets and other metal applications to great effect, so we can only wait to see what we prepare.







The cowboy boots perfectly fit all those ethnically pieces very in vogue this season. Extremely versatile and available in a wide variety of designs and colors, cowboy boots are the ideal choice for a winter in which we rely on comfort.



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